Legal Limits Charters
Capt. Steve Hart
P.O. Box 64
Steinhatchee, FL 32359
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$350.00 up to six persons. Scallop trips run for approximately five hours. Depending on success rate we may include stops at some of the beautiful sandbars for some relaxing time hunting sand dollars or sitting back with a snack and beverage. Departure is typically 9:00 a.m.; time can be adjusted based on your schedule. Passengers should bring personal snorkeling gear and collection bags; some gear is available for use - inquire at time of booking. Boat will provide collection cooler and ice. Passengers may bring drinks and food as desired. Charter rates do not include cleaning of scallops.

Deposit required upon booking of charters. $100.00 for all scallop trips. Deposits are refundable if trip is canceled two weeks prior to scheduled date or cancellation by Capt. Hart due to weather concerns. Cancellations within two weeks of scheduled date or no show at the dock will forfeit paid deposit. Deposits can be mailed to: Capt. Steve Hart - Legal Limits Charters P.O. Box 64 Steinhatchee, FL 32359

It just doesn't get any better than Steinhatchee Summer Scalloping. Snorkeling in search of scallops in the normally crystal clear temperate waters of the Gulf of Mexico is an enjoyable way to spend time with family and friends. Viewed by many as being an adult style Easter egg hunt, scalloping offers beautiful sights of undisturbed marine life including fish, crabs, and various sponges and corals; all while collecting a tasty meal. Scalloping is easily done by adults and children alike of all ages - if you can swim you can scallop.

What You Need:
1. Most important is the desire to have fun while enjoying the beautiful summer season swimming in the crystal clear relaxing water of the Gulf of Mexico.
2. A mask, snorkel and collection bag (laundry bag works well) are a must in order to see clearly through the saltwater and to keep what you collect. Swimming fins are not necessary, however, most veterans will tell you they help with mobility.
3. Whatever food and beverage your party would enjoy (make sure to pack on ice to keep fresh). You will want to take a break and have some lunch and something to drink. (I do suggest that you bring along at least a few bottles of water)

What You Don't Need:
1. Ice. We will furnish enough ice to make sure your catch stays cold until we reach the dock.
2. Fishing License. While on your scallop charter you are covered under the boat license. You do not need individual licenses.